The man who loved women - to death.

Until the day when three women disobeyed him.

The day they came to him - with vengeance in their hearts for the depravity they had endured.

Leaving him shot to death, in a pool of his own blood. Leaving them free.

How could they know that Gideon would return to seek his vengeance for denying him the flesh? How could they know that their own deaths would not be enough - that everything and everyone they loved must now also be destroyed?

THE TIMES Compelling... Smoothly handled and tautly plotted.

Cover artwork above by Jon Blake, for second paperback publication.

STARBURST A sleek and sexy book, laced with horror and triumph, 'Gideon'is an incredible and memorable being. We have seen many variations on the vampire myth appear recently, but none have the sheer power and imagination of Laws''Gideon'. His books combine the scope, emotion and characters of Stephen King, with the roller coaster plots of Dean Koontz and an imagination that defies comparison. Book by book, Laws has improved, refining his craft. With 'Gideon' he steps up onto the pedestal reserved for the greats. No other author writing today is writing Horror as effective and as powerful as Laws, and in my eyes, he is now the undisputed King of Horror for the Nineties.

There’s something nasty at large - seductive, irresistible and capable of violence beyond the dreams of a Saturday night. The traditional black-cloaked vampire has metamorphosed into a tall, dark stranger who fulfills your wildest sensual dreams at a terrible cost – and Tyneside is his stalking ground.

Once again, North-East author Stephen Laws puts the North-East on the map of Hell with a gripping tale of supernatural terror designed for readers strong of nerve and stomach. The deadly figure of Gideon links the lives of three women, a seedy detective and a parson’s son who is unaware of his own macabre destiny.

The pleasure of the plot is in watching the author weave together these threads, but the strength of the writing derives as much from the soundly observed characters and situations as from the murky revelations of the undead; the pitiful household where Yvonne copes with yowling dogs, drunken husband and domestic violence scarcely needs a vampire to turn it into a living nightmare.

A sizzling climax in a thinly-disguised Newcastle theatre cries out for cinematic adaptation. Perhaps some enterprising film company will take the hint.

First paperback publication in the UK used the same painting as the hardback cover, with different colouring in the titles. The quote by 'Time Out' prompted novelist Christopher Fowler to remark that I must have a very loud pen. Who am I to argue?

THE TIMES Laws updates the vampire story, weaving a compelling tale that is all the more effective for ditching the standard stake-and-garlic trappings. Very well done.

THE DRACULA SOCIETY Winner, Best Novel of the Year!

Cover for French book club hardback edition, published by France Loisirs. Painting by Yves Thos. I've always liked this cover - which looks as as if actor David Carradine is making love to singer Dusty Springfield!

Excellent cover in surreal style by P.O. Templier for the large paperback format French edition by Presses de la Cite. As mentioned elsewhere on the site, GIDEON won the Count Dracula Award for best novel - and this was presented to me by the actress Caroline Munroe at their annual awards ceremony. I've often bumped into Caroline over the years at various conventions and signings and she is one of the truly nicest persons I've ever met in the profession.

French paperback edition published by J'ai Lu. Cover again rendered by P.O.Templier.

Full cover for American edition, published in paperback by Dorchester/Leisure Books under re-title of FEAR ME. The change of title was at the request of the publisher

INTERZONE A big, ambitious book, eloquently written, inventively plotted, perfectly paced. Great stuff.

Double-bill flyer issued by New English Library/Hodder and Stoughton to publicize the paperback release of Darkfall in paperback and the hardback release of Gideon.