Ghost Train

Something monstrous is riding on the King's Cross train.

Something is stalking the corridors, preying on the passengers. And very soon, when it has fed on enough souls, it will embark... on the world.

Mark Davies knows that horror. It attacked and threw him from the train. Ex-policeman Les Chadderton is obsessed with the murders and suicides on the East Coast mainline. His wife had been among the victims.

Together they must board the Ghost Train and face their own fears made real, travelling on a one-way ticket on the Nightmare Express...

STARBURST Stand aside Stephen King, James Herbert and Clive Barker and let through a new heir to the horror throne

SAN DIEGO TRIBUNE Spine tingling terror

FANGORIA It's King meets Kurosawa courtesy of Stephen Laws

MARLBOROUGH ENTERPRISE & HUDSON SUN (U.S.A) The number of people who can, convincingly, create believable horror stories can be counted on the fingers of one hand. With GHOST TRAIN, Stephen Laws enters the rank and could, judging by this truly frightening debut, become number one. If you like a well-written supernatural novel and think you can survive 300 pulse-pounding pages of sheer terror, don't miss GHOST TRAIN

SAGEBRUSH REVIEW (U.S.A) Mr Laws writes with such graphic detail that the impossible seems not only possible but even probable! The logic is not that of our everyday world, but it is consistent and frightening. Stephen Laws is a worthy contender for the title of ''Prince of the Macabre" ...

KNOXVILLE, TN NEWS-SENTINEL It's nice to find a fresh, chilling voice among the multitides of authors feverishly clawing to be the best imitation of Stephen King or Peter Straub. Stephen Laws is no imitator ... The train of the title doesn't even fully reveal its palpably evil nature until deep into the book. Long before this time, the reader is fully in the grip of Stephen Laws' witches brew of calculated creepiness.