THE MIDNIGHT MAN (The Short Stories of Stephen Laws)

I'm delighted to announce that so soon after the ebook publication of SOMEWHERE SOUTH OF MIDNIGHT and CHASM, Samhain have just published my revised and updated short story collection THE MIDNIGHT MAN (also available as a large format paperback). The collection was previously issued by Silver Salamander Press under the kind auspices of John Pelan - but this updated release contains stories written since that original publication. There are also notes on the writing of each story, and stealing some inspiration from Harlan Ellison - whose original OUTER LIMITS television screenplays were published alongside the original stories way back when - I've also included the screenplay for my short horror movie THE SECRET (together with the story) including notes on the location filming. So it's possible to compare the story to the screenplay - and even the short movie itself (which is currently available briefly on Youtube, together with a couple of trailers). I'm also very pleased to report that it won the Macabre award in New York for best short horror film.

"Stephen Laws is the authentic article - a writer whose love of good horror is as profound as his skill with it. He's one of the true contemporary treasures of the field. Supernatural horror would be a lot poorer without him." - Ramsey Campbell

"Stephen Laws has always had the gift of making his readers believe the unbelievable ... even when they would really rather not. His horrors rise from the page like a corpse rising from a rain-soaked grave and touching you with a cold, muddy hand." - Graham Masterton

"Stephen Laws is the real thing. For me he's the classic horror writer." - Dark Asylum


Hot on the heels of the SOMEWHERE SOUTH OF MIDNIGHT ebook, I'm very pleased to say that CHASM is now also available as an ebook from Samhain Publishing with another new, great cover.

Not only does the ebook contain a chapter previously not included in the original hardback and paperback editions (involving an encounter between Gordon the guitar player and the ferocious Cherubim), but it also has a reinstated Prologue. This has been a great opportunity to restore material which remains very close to my heart, and my renewed thanks go out to editor Don D'Auria and his team at Samhain.

Stay tuned for a further announcement soon on the ebook release of my short story collection THE MIDNIGHT MAN, with additional stories and material (again, from Samhain).

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