FEROCITY - Republication (Brooligan Press)

Something is stalking the Northumberland moors, slaughtering sheep and other livestock. There have been sightings of a big cat, a huge, feral creature that has so far managed to elude capture. Some of the locals are terrified, while others scoff that it’s only a legend. Still, the killings continue.

Cath Lane is a young novelist and mother, eager to explore her new home in rural Northumberland. To her the legendary beast of the moors is excellent fodder for a new novel. How could she know as she begins her research that the beast is no mere myth?

How could she foresee the terror that waits for her, crouching in the dark…?

“Ferocity draws on horror’s history. I was particularly reminded of the style and worlds of Cornell Woolrich. Both Woolrich and Laws share engaging writing styles; incorporating the worlds of crime and horror. Stephen Laws’ prose generates suspense with exquisite simplicity” Horror Reader

“This is a wonderfully involving and truly frightening tale that brought to mind the ancient Grendel story that so thrilled me as a child. Mr Laws is a masterful writer of great intensity and immediacy, drawing the reader into the narrative from the opening scene to the last. Beautifully conceived and beautifully wrought, this is scare fare of the highest order—perfect for a cold winter’s night” Creature Corner

“Stephen Laws breaks the traditional horror mould with his new novel Ferocity. Flawlessly blending the rich atmosphere of a finely crafted horror story with the action packed ride of a well thought out thriller, Ferocity is a novel that grabs a hold of your every last nerve until well after the final page is read. A novel that takes off like a shot and does not let up until the final pages. Laws’ writing is tight and rich with atmosphere making this a pleasurable reading experience as your nerves go into overdrive. His prose switches effortlessly from the quiet horror sequences to the all out action giving the reader a smooth ride through the nerve-wracking story. With the fusion of horror and suspense, this novel is sure to satisfy any lover of a great thriller as well as the most discerning horror fan. I highly recommend getting your hands on Ferocity by Stephen Laws to experience a fresh outlook on the classic horror novel” Joe Kroeger

Ferocity Stephen Laws Paperback: 273 pages £8.99 Publisher: The Brooligan Press (July 2019) Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1916057838

Darkfall: New edition


Christmas. And an entire office block of revellers has disappeared into thin air.


DI Jack Cardiff and his investigating squad are about to discover the Hell that is ‘Darkfall’; where bricks, plaster and stone have a life of their own, where the inexplicable and the insane become horrifyingly real.


And for those trapped in the block and cut off by the violent weather, a terror beyond imagination is about to descend from the howling tempest.

“A slam-bang paranormal thriller, Laws is one of the most inventive writers on the scene” The Times

“Makes the reader distinctly uneasy about touching any walls or doors when the thunder rumbles” Penthouse

“One of Britain’s masters of terror” Vector

“A powerhouse of a book that hooks you immediately and never lets go. Exciting, relentless, gory and hugely entertaining” Million Magazine

“Truly barnstorming supernatural horror from a writer of tremendous pace and energy. A veritable roller-coaster ride” Northern Echo

“A brilliant horror novel. An imaginatively potent brew of visual and visceral terror” Starburst

“Stephen Laws, the real thing. For me he's the classic horror writer. His work operates as a salutary reminder to the rest of us, rooted as it is in the traditions of the genre: back to basics in the truest sense, it draws its strengths from his deep knowledge of the forerunners who first broke this ground, while remaining totally contemporary and always surging forward. Neat trick if you can do it; and Laws is one of the few who can” Dark Asylum

“Laws’ work typifies a new generation of horror writing: (It) inhabits the world as we know it, and is all the scarier for it” Maxim

“This book follows in a line of compelling sickeners. Not for Laws the small and nagging horrors of the individual mind; his scary monsters come with global aspirations and implications. A rattling yarn” The Journal

Darkfall Stephen Laws Paperback: 320 pages £8.99 Publisher: The Brooligan Press (22 March 2019) Language: English ISBN-10: 1916057810 ISBN-13: 978-1916057814